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[Recipe] Two plum cake

A dear friend took me in the garden of their grandparents, where we together u.a. Plums, Mirabelles have picked. I was allowed to take them home then kindly with. After I hit full stomach me it, taste I baked the rest. Only a pie with shortcrust pastry and cream cheese hovered above me, but then I saw a raspberry cake stand at the friend's House and read the recipe to me give. The result is what you see here, is a mix of both, because I could not decide. The floor with a vanilla pudding comes from the raspberry cake recipe. Decides itself, how you like it better! Or does it just like me ;-) for this you must then halve the recipes for the coverings.

Zweierlei Mirabellenkuchen


100 g sugar
100 g flour
3 Eggs
a pinch of salt

Covering vanilla pudding (for complete cake)
1 Pack of vanilla pudding powder
CA. 26 Mirabelle (Depending on the size)

Cream cheese topping (for complete cake)
2 Egg yolk
2 EL sugar
2 EL vanilla sugar
200 g cream cheese
2 EL crème fraîche
CA. 26 Mirabelle (Depending on the size)


The 3 Separate eggs.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
100 a trickle leave g sugar.
100 g flour, Just stir in a pinch of salt and the egg yolk.
At 200° C for 15 min. put in the oven.

Covering vanilla pudding
Mirabelle wash, stone and cut in half.
Prepare the vanilla pudding mix according to the package instructions.
Hot on the cake bottom.
Distribute the Mirabelles it directly.

Cream cheese topping
The 2 Egg yolks with 2 EL sugar and 2 EL fluffy vanilla sugar.
200g fresh cheese and 2 EL Crème fraîche add, briefly mix.
Spread on the bottom of the cake.
Wash the Mirabelle, stone and cut in half.
Then put on the fresh.

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