Welcome to Linda's back world!

Hello, how beautiful, that someone has found here!
As a thank you, there are now to read the little story to my great love…
…There was once a small Linda which should bake always Vanillekipferl with MOM at Christmas time. Only the dough snacking has convinced small-Linda, all the stress with the kneading and roles to take part every year on the new, even if the delicious particles end up getting broke apart. Even if small Linda every year was slightly older and larger – Dough naschte they continue to love. That's why „sacrificed“ are small Linda occasionally and helped even bake the cake.
Eventually medium Linda came up with the idea to shake the cake batter in small Muffinsförmchen. What a revolution!
It was well received at the Bebackten – you had to take only half of the calories to himself to be perceived as a friendly guest ;-)
I fell immediately in the muffins.
And so I try from now on always new recipes. It and my experience I the online world want to participate.

Happy baking and enjoy!

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  • Reply Flo

    Very nice post am looking forward to more :D

    26. Oktober 2012 at 18:52
    • Reply Ibeanu

      UH I also!

      5. Februar 2013 at 17:52