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White Schokoladentarte muffins with blueberries

I prepared the Muffins to my departure from the Netherlands. Since I, as has already been here explains how to, have no oven, It had to be a recipe, that prepare themselves without oven read. But they're with white Belgian chocolate muffins, become a ginger biscuit bottom with blueberries. How do you like my new muffin in Papierförmchen? I have that with dill & Chamomile found – a beautiful Dutch shop with all kinds of kitchen utensils <3

Weiße Schokoladenmuffins mit BlaubeerenIngredients

for ca. 12 Muffins

150 g ginger biscuits
75 g butter

250 g white chocolate
115 g cream


Give the cookies in a bag. These close and crush the biscuits with a rolling pin.
Melt butter and admit to the biscuit crumbs and mix.

On the (Silicone) Muffin cups spread and press firmly with a teaspoon. In the refrigerator.

200 g white chocolate and place in a bowl.
Heat cream in a pot, until it is steaming. Then remove from heat and pour over the white chocolate.
After ca. one minute the chocolate should be melted. Mix.

Distribute on the muffin cups.
At least 4 Put in fridge for hours, better but let stand over night.
Blueberries ca. distribute after half an hour on the muffins.

After the cooling time get melt the remaining white chocolate in a Bain-Marie.
Spread with a pastry bag or an adapters decorative over the muffins with blueberries.

Dry Schokoalde.


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