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What makes me happy – II

It is the little things, make happy. And here I read reviews about the things, they make me happy. The theme of the second article of this series: Post.Postkarten


Some people collect stamps, I post cards. I love to get postcards. The most unusual postcard, that I have ever received, was a wooden, as here above to see right. But it's also fun to send post cards or small gifts to friends me at the same time. Whether it is probably given with the genes? My MOM does that also love to. So I was pleased for example last year huge, as they me after Portugal a little Christmas care package (incl. warm socks :D ) sent. But then they said yes too:

The friendship receive small gifts.

I create like thematic packages, as z.B. Birthday boxes look for friends in the distance or as described below in the photo a good mood box. I also like to make photo collages and photo boxes, to in the good, ancient times to remember ;) .

It is not about to spend much money, one of the idea's. My favorite people to know, that they are thoughts are always with me. And so a box, or even a postcard left but a weightier, as a brief greeting via email, Whatsapp or whatever. Maybe I am bit old fashioned, but I stand by them ;)



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