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It is the little things, make happy. And here I read reviews about the things, they make me happy. The theme of the first contribution: Market visits.


Market visits – Until recently I used to me, mean to buy fruits and vegetables in a one-man stand. Wednesdays. On Wednesdays and Saturdays he comes always to Germersheim. I admit, It is not an entire market, but market flair comes on but. On Tuesdays, there's even a proper small market here – with fruit- and vegetables, Cheese, Fish, Bread, Specialties- and sausage stands. There's also a mobile café with bar tables, that is really cute. But is is me is this a man stand. I trust the fruit- greengrocers. And it seems to go many roommates of Germersheims. No matter which one time one passes, Search is always people their food for the next few days together. To chat briefly with the seller about the crazies in the city or the weather, and then it goes back.
Just for me, as a household, is such a fruit- and vegetable stand very practical, I have the problem in the supermarket often, that exists only in whole bag of it, of what I need. However, here I can take individually my potatoes and onions. And can be sure, that they also taste.


Also very nice, I think the so-called the emerging trend „Foodmarkets“. In Mainz, I have now already within a short time 2 such markets visited. The one called himself „Street Food Festival“, There were many stands and in particular directions of food represented. I was particularly excited by my Dumplings – I was even more disappointed, When I found, that the restaurant only in Munich is to find. Apparently this is touring „Street Food Festival“ across Germany. The other event was called „LOADING! Street food market Mainz“. The market was much smaller, had a diverse offerings, and above all a better location but still (behind the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke am Rhein). As with the other Foodmarket there music here. However, there will be more local restaurants were represented. I hope that this market often takes place :)





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