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In addition to baking blogging become one of my passions.
As regards the technical field of blogging sometimes actually as a passion it feels, the suffering creates. Often I'm verweifelt before the screen, as soon as I try any wishful thinking into action to implement, without having the slightest idea of. But as they say: Study goes on trial.

Music, I hear very much. Still much prefer I make them myself - with my guitar, and usually in combination with my voice. Occasionally also with the voice of my younger sister.

My hobby Dance I'm in a show dance group near my home village. Since 2008 I dance now in this formation. From year to year are professional and fortunately also successful (take part in show dance tournament). Before I danced in 2 other groups. But I like not only show dance, actually I can inspire me for any dance direction. And thanks to dirty dancing 2 I have also a small soft spot for salsa.
Funny, I always find, When people find out that I can really dance and move my body. My blandness and my posture is apparently not to look at.

If you know, I have received training in the library, can you imagine even passion for the next medium: Books. I love books.

„It is us with books like with the people. We make many acquaintances, but we choose only a few to our friends.

– Ludwig Feuerbach


I come from a village in Rheinhessen. What has marked me the most: the vineyards and Mainz. Where you can also see, Vineyards as far as the eye can see. I like the rolling, Cosy and the lifeline, the Rhine. There is also Mainz. Sure, the State capital of Rhineland-Palatinate is not too big not recommended, but it also has its charm. In the summer, especially a visit on the feast of St. John is recommended! There are in addition to amusement park rides, Food- and drink stalls and an artist market. At the end of the Festival, there is Monday always a nice firework on the Rhine.
What especially pleases me is, that small increase in Mainz, charming Cafés are. I like to visit these for breakfast. For "Dessert", there is an ice cream on the Rhine stairs then ;-)

Currently you find me on the basis of the studies also often further up the Rhine: in Germersheim.




I will occasionally update this post in the course of the year.


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