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[Recipe] Tannenbaumcupakes

With my baking course I made Tannenbaumcupcakes in the snow. The whole thing went to some adventurous, There us, Due to a small difference of opinion with a blender, the lights went out… but soon more ;)
I'm glad, everything else worked out then, and the Tannenbaumcupcakes have become really pretty.

In this sense: All of you a peaceful & Merry Christmas! :)



for 12 Speculaas muffins
150 g butter, soft
150 g sugar
1 Pck. Bourbon Vanilla sugar
2 Eggs
200 g flour
2 TSP baking soda
150 ml milk
1 Pinch of salt
300 g ginger biscuits

150 g butter, soft
4 EL icing sugar
1 TSP milk
1/2 TSP cinnamon
150 g Philadelphia cream cheese
Green food coloring

Grated coconut


300 crush g Speculaas cookies into small pieces (z.B. with the Bags-rolling pin method -but not to often beat, the pieces are not too small)
150 g butter, 150 g of sugar and 1 Packet of Bourbon Vanilla sugar ca. 5 Min. beat up.
The 3 Stir eggs individually.
Then 200 g flour and 2 Add teaspoon of baking powder.
150 stir in ml milk and a pinch of salt quickly under the glance.
In the oven at 180° C CA. 20 min. Bake

Allow connecting to cool off.

While the Cupcakes in the refrigerator, You can prepare the topping ever.
150 g soft butter and 4 Powdered sugar beat EL. 1 TL milk and 1/2 Add Teaspoon cinnamon and mix to taste.
Last 150 Add g Philadelphia cream cheese. Doing as little as possible, but as much as necessary stir.

1/4 the toppings in a different Bowl type.
The remaining 3/4 the toppings with green food coloring dye.
Filling in a pastry bag and with the other Bowl in the refrigerator.

Coat the Cupcakes with a thin layer of white toppings.
Give grated coconut in a bowl. The Cupcakes with the topping put down into the bowl of chips of coconut, This hang the desiccated coconut to the topping. It is intended to represent snow.
Next with the Green topping spray on a fir-tree.
These then still ornate and already he can be anything!

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