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[Recipe] Halloween Special: Spider Web cupcakes

It's time again! There is a proper reason to bake: It's Halloween! Haris!


A good time, to make Spider Web cupcakes!


for 12 Cupcakes:
200 g flour
2 1/2 TSP baking soda
110 g of powdered sugar
125 g ground almonds (Optional chopped nuts of your choice)
180 ml whole milk
80 ml sunflower oil
1 Egg (Size M)

1 Toothpick


Flour, Mix baking soda and sugar.
In a separate bowl milk, Mix the oil and egg. Add then to the former and all taste mix well with each other. But not too much, because the dough should remain lumpy.
Then the mass is distributed in the ramekins can and 200° C for 20 min. be baked.
After baking ca. 5 min. allow to cool in the form. Prior to further processing (decorate) Let it completely cool.

Gebackene Halloween-Muffins im Blech

Halloween baked muffins in the plate

Now it's the decorating!

Halloween-Muffins mit Zuckerglasur für Spinnennetz

Cupcakes with icing

The Spider Web cupcakes are first coated with frosting.

For this purpose take much icing sugar and combine it with some lemon juice and warm water. So sprinkle the muffins, then let it rest, allow the icing to dry something.

Meanwhile heat the chocolate in a Bain-Marie.

To distribute the chocolate, I have cut off the bottom corner in a freezer bag and there done the chocolate. The variant with parchment paper would have been but clever – that has emerged as a practical.schnecke

Spread the chocolate in this form:


Then with the toothpick grade line from the center of the muffins pull out one. Repeat this process as often, until you recognize a spider's Web can.

Halloween-Muffins: Spinnennetz



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