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[Recipe] Chocolate Walnut cake with Apple-Cinnamon cream


300 g flour
2 TL intensity
1 3/4 Pck. Baking soda
180 g sugar
2 Pck. Vanilla sugar
2 EL real cocoa
a few splashes of lemon
130 ml oil
315 ml water

4 EL nuts
2 EL butter
2 EL sugar

Apple-Cinnamon cream
500 ml unfiltered Apple juice
1 TSP cinnamon powder
2 Egg yolk
50 g sugar
20 g Cornflour
125 g butter
2-3 EL room warm applesauce


300 g flour, 2 TL intensity, 1 3/4 Pck. Baking soda, 2 EL cacao powder, 2 Pck. Vanilla sugar and 180 mix g sugar.
130 ml oil and 315 quickly stir in ml water. Minimal rührem.
At 180 ° C for 25 min. Bake.

4 Coarsely chop nuts EL.
2 EL butter with 2 In a skillet over medium heat melt EL sugar.
Put the nuts and stir until golden brown.
Something cool.

Apple-Cinnamon cream
Boil Apple juice with cinnamon powder, then open ca. the half on 250 Cook ml.
Egg yolks, Mix sugar and starch.
The preserved Apple juice, stirring after pour.
As long as the mixture in a saucepan over low heat stirring, is created to a custard-like cream.
Let the cream cool.
The soft butter about 5 Creamy beat minutes. Spoon by spoon stir in the cream.
Mix in applesauce.

Aut pass the Apfet-cinnamon cream cake, spread the nuts on it and refrigerate.


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