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[Recipe] Stuffed Schokocookies

Oreos with cream cheese filling sounds strange? Tastes wonderful! Of course, filling the cookies is slightly more effort – He is worth but. I prefer warm like the biscuits from the oven ;-)


25 g butter
100 g cream cheese
25 g sugar
25 g flour

Cookie dough
100 g dark chocolate
200 g butter
125 g sugar
125 g of brown sugar
1 Egg
200 g flour
1/2 TSP baking soda
50 g cocoa


25melt butter g.
100(g) cream cheese and 25 g sugar mix.
25 g flour and the liquid butter, stir.
Then for 30 min. refrigerate.


Cookie dough
100Finely chop g dark chocolate, set aside.
200g butter, 125creamy, stir g sugar and 125 g of brown sugar.
Add an egg.
200g flour, 1/2 TL mix baking soda and 50 g cocoa and then stir the mixture.
Finally stir in the chopped chocolate.

Gefüllte Schokocookies

Remove the small portions of the dough (should be about 2-3 Correspond to TL) and roll it in your hands into balls.
Then on a baking tray and press the flat. For a cookie, it takes two such plates.
Place a dollop of filling in the Centre on the part.
Place the other part and the sides tightly.
The cookies should have some clearance on the baking sheet to each other.
At 200° C for 12 min. Bake.
On the baking sheet is still around 5 min. Let it cool.
Then they can be enjoyed warm!



Gefüllte Schokocookies

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