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[Recipe] Sandwich cake


for sandwich bread:
50 g fresh yeast
500 ml lukewarm water
2 TL salt
1 TL dark syrup
2 TSP oil
165 g whole wheat flour
400 g wheat flour

for the chicken topping:
Chicken cold cuts or similar
Miracle whip

Tip: the chicken topping very thick / double carry on or simply Turkey strips.

for the salmon topping:
Cream cheese

for the topping:
Cream cheese
Miracle whip

for the decoration:
Cucumber slices


of bread:
50in 500 ml of lukewarm water type g crumbled yeast.
Then 2 TL salt, 2 TSP oil, 1 TL add syrup and the two types of flour. May add something more flour.
Then squeeze.
Covered in a warm place in a bowl for 45 min. Let go.
A springform Pan grease.
Briefly knead the dough, shape into a ball and place in the springform Pan.
Again 45 min. covered leave.

At 200° C for 35 Minutes Bake.

the toppings:
About 1 1/2 EL fresh cheese and 1 EL yoghurt with 1/2 EL miracle whip and 1/2 TL mix and season to taste(!).

Sandwich Cake

the sandwich cake:
Remove the lid of the baked sandwich bread.
Split into two discs the other bread. (1)
The lower plate with salmon, cream cheese and miracle whip, Egg and chicken slices, coat or. show. (2 + 3)
The upper disc throw.
The complete „Cake“ Sprinkle with the topping. (4)
Distribute slices of cucumber and watercress to the decoration on it. (5)


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