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Day of German butter bread [Recipe] Rye bread

Do you know what day today is? The title gives it away you already: Day of German butter bread! Please don't ask me, who invents something.
Anyway, I baked a loaf of rye bread on the occasion of this day. I've tried it at least.
Because I'm not so sure, whether the bread should really look like, how it looks. I have mine lovingly „the brain“ got baptized (Due to its surface). Yes, I give things a name, with which I am not quite so happy. As a result, they become human. And it's human, (more or less) to be imperfect in a sympathetic way.
The brain is not perfect. All the breads I bake are perfect. This is probably because such doughs need a very different kind of attention as z.B. Muffins. I really admire anyone who can conjure up a good tasting and so looking bread. Bread baking is such a thing in itself. And especially not for me. Let me someone so please next time when I come up with the idea to bake bread, Remember to be better? My family will also thank ;)

If your you but for the topic „Bake bread“ interested in closer, can I you Ploetzblog recommend. As anyone knows, How to do it!

Should anyone else be so crazy and want to even make the butter, then there is here a nice video. Everything you need is cream and a jar for shaking a cup!


Rye bread


for 1 spherical bread
450 g rye flour (Type 1150)
225 g wheat flour
2 TL salt
2 TSP of brown sugar
1 Pck. Dry yeast
425 ml lukewarm water
2 TSP oil
1 Protein

450g rye flour, 225 g wheat flour, 2 TL salt, 2 TSP of brown sugar and 1 Packet dry yeast mix.
Press in the middle of a deepening and 425ml of water with 2 TL pour oil.
Stir everything.
10 min. Knead, until the dough is smooth.

Delete a clean Bowl with oil, pour the dough boy.
Covered with a kitchen towel 2 Let go hours.

Again 10 knead.
Baking sheet with parchment paper, This grease. Then put the ball of dough.
Covered 40 min. Let go.

Egg separated, Whisk egg whites (Egg yolk can be disposed).
In the preheated oven at 190° C, 20 min. Bake.

Then brush with egg white.
More 20 min. Bake.

Brush again with egg white.
Again for 20-30 min. Bake.

Total baking time is equivalent to 60 – 70 min. – Depending on the desired degree of Tan.


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