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[Recipe] Toasted breakfast Müsli with yoghurt and fruit

I have a part of my holidays working in a bed & Breakfast in Sintra spent. In the old, Green Villa was my task was to help especially in the preparation of the breakfast.

Frühstück Sintra

In addition to rolls, There were also variations with Oatmeal Crunchies croissants and Portuguese sweets there every day, Fruit and yoghurt. This really simple, but healthy way of breakfast liked me so much, I went over to, instead of bread to eat a bowl of roasted Müsli with yoghurt and fruit.
Because I want to have control over the sugar content but in my cereal, I went over to do this, the roasted (and Caramelized) Oat flakes to make.

Breakfast cereal à la Oh Casa Sintra


for 4 Servings roasted oat flakes
1 EL sugar
3 EL crisp oatmeal
1 EL hazelnuts, hacked (all nuts can be used)

In addition
Greek cream yogurt
Fruit (discretion)


Roasted oatmeal
1 Tablespoons sugar in a pan and heat.
Once the sugar starts to caramelize, the 1 Tablespoons chopped hazelnuts and 3 Tablespoons to crisp oatmeal.
Stirring 1 – 2 Minutes in the Pan.
Watch, that will burn anything.
Take the roasted oat flakes from the Pan and let cool.


Chop the fruit varieties, whether with or without shell depends on your own preferences.
You will need for a portion 2 – 3 Tablespoons sliced small fruit.
Usually I cut small more and keep the rest for the next day in a jar in the fridge.

In a small bowl (for a person) 2 Give tablespoons roasted oat flakes.
Then 2 – 3 Add tablespoon of fruit.
At the end of 3 Add tablespoons cream yoghurt.


Usually I tend to, Greek cream yogurt sugar, by the caramelized oatmeal-nut mixture, this is no longer necessary.


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