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[Recipe] Zebra cupcakes

I liiiiiebe Zebra – did I mention that this was time? I'm jealous of her style safety! The black and white looks really them ;)

Wie macht man Zebra Cupcakes


for 12 Muffins:
150 g soft butter
150 g sugar
1/2Vanilla bean
2 Eggs
200 g flour
2 TSP baking soda
150 ml milk
1 Pinch of salt

for the topping:
100 g butter
100 g cream cheese
3 EL icing sugar
1 1/2 EL orange juice

75 g dark chocolate
24 Brown Smarties


150g butter, 150(g) sugar and mark a 1/2 Vanilla bean ca. 5 Min. beat up.
Stir the eggs individually.
Then add the flour and baking powder.
150stir in ml milk and a pinch of salt quickly under the glance.
In the oven at 180° C CA. 20 min. Bake.

Allow the cupcakes to cool.
100g butter, 100g cream cheese, 3 EL powdered sugar and 1 1/2 EL creamy stir orange juice.
Before applying to the muffins may again refrigerate.
Be careful, that the surface is smooth after applying.

The chocolate (75g) heat in a water bath.
These apply accordingly. Let it dry.
Then with a sharp, thin object, Cut mouth and nostrils in the chocolate.
Finally press the Smarties as the ears on the topping.

My tool to apply the chocolate. The lower part with the nostrils and the mouth is best read with a TSP apply.
For the zebra stripes and eyes I used a syringe. Thus, the slightly cooled chocolate is read perfectly dosed.


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