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[Recipe] Cream puffs

[Wind bags cause more childhood memories with me. Gabs the home only, If guests came or a special occasion present. But they came here and in other households always from the freezer.
My back girlfriend Lina raved about it, they were but how great and easy. So I wanted to test it once.
In hindsight I wonder, Why have the loving Mamas never tried to make the puffs itself?
It doesn't take long and is really easy!
A little bit „Fear“ I had before the Choux pastry. That sounded already so complicated… means nothing else but, basically the, as with heat (in the pot) being worked.


for 16 (large) Cream puffs
125 ml water
50 g butter
75 g flour
3 Eggs

for the filling
150 ml cream
1 1/2 EL vanilla sugar


Zubereitung von Windbeutel

Choux pastry
125ml water and 50 g of butter in a saucepan, bring to a boil, so that the butter can melt.
75stir in g flour (with a wooden spoon).
Keep stirring vigorously, until the dough is released from the pot.

The dough in a mixing bowl and there is mix the eggs one at a time using a mixer.

The mass in a splash bag and spread small mounds on a baking sheet.
Don't worry, still go on. Already nobody will starve to death ;)

At 180° C for 30 – 35 min. Bake.

Classic cream filling

150 ml cream with 1 1/2 EL beat in vanilla sugar.
In a splash bag with a sleeve with a small opening.
The cream puffs get stick side or below and the cream filling.
Alternatively, you can simply cut it with a knife and then inject the cream in the middle of the wind bag.

In my baking course at the University we have tried have a fruity Strawberry filling, She did taste very well.


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