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[Recipe] Wholemeal apricot pie

For the tart, I decided to use extra ripe apricots, that have already fallen from the tree. They are particularly tasty! Have I cut out the unsightly places of course before.


250 g butter
375 g wholemeal flour
2 Eggs
100 g sugar
1 Pinch of salt

500 g apricot
250 ml water
30 g starch
1 Pinch of salt
100 g Agave syrup


Dough: Part I
250g butter, 375 g wholemeal flour, 2 Eggs, 100g of sugar and a pinch of salt to a dough knead. Refrigerate briefly.


Diced pitted apricots boil with 200 ml water and cinnamon.
30g touch strength with 50ml water, then stir into the boiling liquid.
More 30 Cook seconds.
Remove from heat and add 50 g of Agave syrup. Allow dragging.

Dough: Part II
Roll out the dough.
Place a portion of dough for the grid to the page.
The Quiche - / tart form with the remaining dough cover.
In the preheated oven at 170° C for 10 Minutes Bake.
Then pour the prepared apricot filling.
Shape the remaining dough into strips and thus on the apricot filling a grid form.
More 35 min. Bake.


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  • Reply Jaw nest gold

    Thanks to the whole grain, it looks a) not quite so beautifully out (at least for me) and b) I take it so well I alone could eat anything that.

    26. Oktober 2014 at 08:32
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