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[Recipe] Valentine's day Cupcakes with Royal icing

First experiments with Eiweißspritzmasse, called Royal icing in the Valentine's day design with heart, Roses and other expressions of love.



for Royal icing (Eiweissspritzmasse)
190 g icing sugar
1 Protein
1 TL water


Royal icing
190 g icing sugar, the protein and 1 Only at low speed mix TSP water, If the powdered sugar with the rest bonds on a medium speed switch up and ca. 3 Beat minutes.
The Earth Cleave in TWAIN.
Then add the appropriate food color and taste just mix.
Give the protein powder sugar ground in a pastry bag and spray on baking paper.
At least 24 Dry hours.

Royal Icing

It was the first time that I've been experimenting with Royal icing.

Things, which I just found out this:

  • Royal icing is fragile.
  • The thicker the mass, the more stable the end result.
  • Run the two colors not together, Applying the second color dry before briefly.

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