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[Recipe] Speculaasbrood (Ginger bread)

The following is a post by the Gastbloggerin Lea. She has still not own blog, is infected like me for it but just back fever.

Hello together! I am LEA, a friend of Linda, and am very, to even what her blog post. :)

In the Netherlands and Belgium there are almost anything with ginger around the feast of St. Nicholas; Nevertheless, I was surprised, as I Speculaasbrood (German: Ginger bread) could buy on the market. It has convinced me immediately and you can eat it also quite wonderful at any other time! :) This year, I've finally found a recipe, This of course different tastes, but still very delicious.



2 EL oil
1 Egg
50Gr. Brown sugar
30GR butter
80-100GR sugar
200ml milk
350GR flour (Type 405)
30GR fresh yeast
100g speculoos
1 Pinch of salt
10GR Speculaas spice


Heat the milk until it is lukewarm us dissolve the yeast in it. Mix the flour in a bowl with brown sugar and salt. In the middle of the mixture forms a hollow. Pour the milk with yeast in the drift and egg, Add oil and butter. Season with ginger spice and everything well knead.

The dough 30 Let go minutes (possibly. in the oven for 30-35 ° C). The ginger to crumble break.

Press the dough flat / roll out and sprinkle with crumbs of ginger and rock sugar. Roll up the dough and place in a baking dish. Let go again, until the bread has become twice as large.

At 180° C (Air circulation) 30 Minutes long bake.

It's also very good, When mixing almonds in the spiced crumb.

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