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[Recipe] Speculaas – Dutch Speculaas

Spiced for me is definitely part of the winter- or. Christmas time. Just Dutch Speculaas cookies are delicious, so I baked the cookies according to the old Dutch recipe.

Holländischef Spekulatius


200 g flour
8 g baking powder
125 g butter, cold
100 g cane sugar
1 EL milk
2 EL Spekulatius spice (s. PEP er sheet music)

Holländischef Spekulatius


1 EL milk with 100 easy heat g cane sugar in a pot, so that is the milk with the sugar.
200 g flour, 8 g baking powder and 2 EL Spekulatius spice mix. (There is a recipe for Ginger spice here.)
Add sugar-milk-mix.
Cut the cold butter into small pieces last, Add the other ingredients.
Knead into a dough.
Wrap in cling film.
Overnight in the refrigerator set.

For the typical Dutch Speculaas cookies get their form through a wooden baking pan (z.B. the Dutch shop Dill Chamomile with German online-shop). Should have her no wood baking pan, can you use your also normal cookie cutter, as I was on the top photo. I bought the stamp in a drugstore.

Briefly knead the dough, then process to biscuits.
At 175 ° C ca. 15 Min. Bake. The baking time depends on the size of the cookies.


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