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[Recipe] Princess Barbie cake

My sister wanted her friend to the 18. Necessarily give a pink Barbie cake birthday. So it was, We were once together in the kitchen! We have played some at the sponge cake: to avoid possible accidents, We bought a finished in the supermarket.
Our approach was created after this Video. However, too much cream was used to our liking, so we created an own recipe.

My sister absolutely wanted to give her friend for the 18th birthday a pink Barbie cake. That way, it happened that we stood in the kitchen together – a special exception! As a precaution, We wangled a bit with the sponge cake as we bought it at the supermarket.
We followed the instructions of this Video. But as we did not like that they used so much cream, We decided to create our own recipe.


for the ground
3-part Biskiut-bottom
3 Pck. Vanilla pudding powder

for the topping
300 g soft butter
2 Pck. Vanilla sugar
500 g icing sugar
2 EL milk
Red food coloring

In addition
1 Barbie doll
2 Shish kebab skewers


for the bottom
sponge cake with 3 layout

3 sachets vanilla pudding mix

for the topping
300 g unsalted butter, soft
2 sachets vanilla sugar
500 g confectioners‘ sugar
2 tbsp milk
Red food coloring

Barbie doll

2 shashlik skewers



1. Lining the bowl with cling film.

2. Cook pudding according to package directions. Use a little less milk than specified, as a result, the creme is something fixed.

3. Gently press into the Bowl part of the biscuit bottom.

4. The resulting hollow with pudding filling.

5. Give the next layer of sponge cake in the Bowl.

6. Refill with pudding.

7. The last part of the biscuit bottom tie cut real, so that it fits exactly in the Bowl.

8. Cover the bowl with cling film and for at least 2 Hours in the refrigerator so that!

9. Prepare topping:

300g butter and 2 Vanilla sugar to one soft pack, bright mass beat.
500g icing sugar spoon by spoon stir. Reverse each good mix.
2 EL stir in milk.
Then about 2/3 the toppings add red food coloring.
If the toppings are not immediately used, in the refrigerator. But at least 30 min. remove before use there.

10. Remove foil and put the pie crust on the pie plate (as middle).

11. The Barbie pull out and remove the legs.

12. Cut a rectangle in the middle of the cake, that is equivalent to the pelvic mass of Barbie. The Barbie is used in.
In our case it but fell over backwards, so that we have saved them on the back with abbreviated Shish kebab skewers.

13. Now who can Barbie after taste and artistic talent decorated or. „attracted to“ be! For this, use a star nozzle.
We have started with the pink topping and front released a larger triangle.
Parallel to rear a small site, which we have later filled with white topping.


1. Line bowl with plastic wrap.

2. Prepare the pudding mix according to the instructions. Use a bit less milk declared as, so the consistency of the pudding becomes more solid.

3. Put one layer of the sponge cake into the bottom of a bowl.

4. Fill the hollow with pudding.

5. Put another layer of the sponge cake in the bowl.

6. Again, fill with pudding.

7. Cut the last layer sponge cake, so it fits perfectly in the bowl.

8. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and put it for at least 2 hours into the fridge.

9. Directions for the topping:

Beat 300 g unsalted butter and 2 sachtes of vanilla sugar until light and fluffy.

Add 500 g confectioners sugar, one spoon at a time. Beat well.
Beat in 2 tbsp milk.
Add to 2/3 of the topping red food coloring.
If you don’t use the topping immediately, put it in the meanwhile into the fridge. But remove it from the fridge 30 min. before you’re going to use it.

10. Remove the plastic wrap and put the cake over onto a cake plate.

11. Undress the Barbie doll and remove its legs.

12. Cut a little rectangle in the middle on the top of the cake, that has the size of the pelvis of the doll (not too deep). Put the barbie doll into it.
In our case we had to stabilize the doll with cutted shashlik skewers in its back.

13. Now decorate the barbie doll at will and artistic talent. Use a star shaped nozzle. We started with the pink-colored topping and left a triangle in the front to fill it later with the white topping.
Also we left a little triangle in the back of the “skirt” to fill it later.

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