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[Recipe] Oreomisu

For all, where it is too hot to bake, but still looking for some cool, Sweets have, I present: OREOMISU. A kind of tiramisu with Oreokeksen ;)
Quick to prepare, must the dessert then for 4 Hours in the fridge.Oreomisu


for 2 Oreomisu
8 Oreo cookies
40 g cream cheese
and a cup of milk or coffee


Take apart Oreo cookies.
Scrape off the cream and in a bowl.
For the Oreo cream 40 g stir cream cheese and taste mix well.
Dunk the cookies individually in the milk or coffee, Depending on your preference. As a result, the Biscuits are soft and they get also taste through the coffee.
Then distribute some of the Oreo cream cheese cream care.
Repeat the procedure, until 8 Oreo Cookie halves were stacked.

For at least 4 Hours in the refrigerator.
Cool enjoy :)

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