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[Recipe] Grandma's best Walnut corners

Grandma's recipe for Walnut corners (No jam). They last forever, as the memory of Grandma! Ingredients

300 g flour
150 g butter
140 g sugar
2 MSP. Baking soda
2 Eggs

200 g butter
300 g sugar
300 g ground nuts
100 g chopped nuts
2 Pck. Vanilla sugar
8 EL water

Amotion to reconfirm
150 – 200 g dark chocolate


300g flour, 150g butter, 140g sugar, 2 MSP. Baking soda and 2 Mix eggs into a dough.
A part from this form and roll it out on a baking sheet.


200(g) butter and 300 g sugar Cook.
300g ground hazelnuts, 100 g sliced hazelnuts, 2 Pck. Vanilla sugar and 8 EL stir water and bring everything to a boil.
Something cool, then give the dough.

At 200° C for 25 – 30 min. Bake until golden.

Allow to cool for at least half an hour, then cut into small triangles.
Bring the dark chocolate in a Bain-Marie to melt.
The corners of the walnut corners in the chocolate dip.
Allow to cool on a baking rack.

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