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[Recipe] Mandeltarte – Tart de Amêndoas

A Portuguese recipe from the cookbook „The Portuguese kitchen – A Cozinha Portuguesa“.
Go to the review. A really nice book, that the culture of the Portuguese tries to deliver.

The cake tastes like roasted almonds – What a miracle, If the almonds are caramelized ;)
Even mean „schneeckische“ (Rhenish expression for: fussy) Grandma, that is otherwise even not a fan of unknown, has the family with the exclamation „Scchmeckt the well!“, surprised. So, listen to my grandma and let it taste you!
There are no excuses, that recipe not to try. Because it tastes and smells not only good, It is also really fast baked.




For the ground:
2 Eggs
90 g butter, melted
2 EL milk
180 g flour
150 g sugar
A little grated peel of 1 lemon
a pinch of salt

For the topping:
100 g butter, soft
100 g sugar
6 EL milk
150 g almond flakes


Zubereitung der Mandeltarte

Mix all ingredients for the floor and a few minutes with the mixer, thoroughly whisk together. the stone into a greased cake pan with 28 cm diameter fill and 180° C about 15 min. Bake.

In the meantime all the ingredients for the filling in a nonstick skillet and stir. Over medium heat, constantly stirring briefly boil on the stove and thickening can be. Once the cream has become thick, immediately spread on the bottom of the tart (may not cool down, otherwise it is not spreadable!)

The oven on 200° C Bottom place and the tart in the oven back type, about 5- 15 min. allow to caramelize until golden brown.

Let cool and serve.

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