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[Recipe] Käsekuchenmuffindeko #Herzchen

I'm a fan of cheesecake anyway & hereby you can impress even – the perfect recipe! The following describes, as her cheese cake(-muffins) You can decorate with hearts.
You can find the recipe for the Käsekuchenmuffins here.

Next week will follow the instructions, as one cheesecake(muffins) can decorate with leaves.
Herzchen Käsekuchen
Cheese cake mix + Cocoa powder / Jam
For the dark dough, as described in the recipe for Käsekuchenmuffins, take some dough and 2 EL Add tagged add cocoa powder. Mix well.
Would you prefer something more colorful have the heart simply taking jam (without add extra cheese cake mix).
Fill the Dekospritze with dark dough or jam.
Before the points on the dough, should you consider, what it should look like at the end of.
Should the hammer be equal or all have the same size? Should it be single heart or a Garland of hearts?
Then put the points on the dough.
Take the toothpick.
You want continuous heart, one must thwart the toothpick before the middle of the dark dough point deeper in the light dough dive then centered the dough point and pull through again come to the surface. Pull the toothpicks to the next point, without stopping. Repeat for the following batter.

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