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[Recipe] Käsekuchenmuffindeko #Blätter

Part 2 the „with cheesecake impression-Flay“-Series ;) This time the Käsekuchenmuffins leaves are decorated.


You can find the recipe for the Käsekuchenmuffins here.
To the instructions from the previous time, as one cheesecake(muffins) can decorate with hearts it is >> here along
Cheese cake mix + Cocoa powder / Jam
For the dark dough, as described in the recipe for Käsekuchenmuffins, take some dough and 2 EL Add tagged add cocoa powder. Mix well.
Would you prefer something more colorful have the heart simply taking jam (without add extra cheese cake mix).
Fill the Dekospritze with dark dough or jam.
A few large, put dark points on the dough.
Take the toothpick.
Even dunk the tip of the toothpick in the dark dough.
For the leaf stalk just above the dark point place and direction point draw a line.
The toothpick on the surface through the dunken point pull (not too deep in the dough) and something about the dark point, so the typical leaf shape.
Repeat procedure for the other blobs of dough.

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