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[Recipe] Irmik Helvasi – Turkish semolina dessert

I got this recipe from the book „Travel hunger“ taken over, which I reviewed last week.

How it is used by the Turkish kitchen, are the desserts very sweet. And so it is also with the Irmik Helvasi. It is a very delicious, sweet semolina dessert. The Turkish wheat flour can be found in the Turkish deli named Irmik.

Irmik Helvasi türkisches Grießdessert


for 4-6 Portions
200 g Zucker450 ml milk
125 g butter
175 g Turkish wheat semolina (Irmik)
50 g pine nuts

some cinnamon powder


200 g of sugar and 450 ml milk in a small saucepan heat, until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside.
125 melt butter in a large pot g. 175 g Irmik stir over medium heat, and ca. 2 Min. Roast.
Pine nuts (50g) and Cook, until they are golden brown.
Also add the milk-sugar-mix, but be careful – It seethes and squirts something!
Stirring ca. 3 – 4 Min. Let thicken.
Turn off the stove. Leave the pot on it.
Fold a kitchen towel once and lay tightly on the pot, then put the lid on it.
Now 30 Min. Let it rest.
Serve with some cinnamon.


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