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[Recipe] Halloween Special: Ghosts, Pumpkin and Jack Skellington cupcakes & Cake POPs

For Halloween I wanted to do something creative, so I was thinking to bake Gespenstermuffins. Even pumpkin were somewhat unplanned, Ghosts and Jack Skellington cake POPs it. In this sense: Let the Gruslen start – Happy Halloween!




Vanilla muffins
White CakeMelts
Black CakeMelts

Decoration filler


Thus the proportions about voting and the muffins are higher, do I have the Cupcake batter baked in the wake-up glasses. Not forgetting, grease the glasses and sprinkle out best with bread crumbs, How to get out the pastry again.
According to wake-up glass and size of the resulting muffins one should consider possibly whether you halved the dough pieces may not be the length.
Then brushing with a knife to a ghost.
Modeling arise relatively many remnants, so I had considered me spontaneously to make cake POPs.
The CakeMelts in the microwave melting.
Applying the chocolate.


Halloween cake POPs: Ghost & Pumpkins

Halloween Cake-Pops, Kürbisse


Muffin- or cake leftovers
White CakeMelts
Black CakeMelts
Orange CakeMelts
some fresh cheese
Cake pop bars

Decoration filler


The Muffinsreste with your hands, crumble.
In a bowl.
Mix the crumbs and some fresh cheese. Not too much of it be added – It must be added just enough cream cheese, that the dough is just so together.
This small figurine, forms such as pumpkins and ghosts.
Insert a cake pop rod.
Make the blanks for at least half an hour in the refrigerator, Thus they are somewhat fixed.
After the waiting period melt the CakeMelts in a bowl.
So long dip the cake POPs in the Orange and white chocolate and turn, until they completely of chocolate are surrounded.
Let it dry.
Then with the decoration filler or something like melted black CakeMelts or dark chocolate filling and thus the intricacies, so draw the faces.
Dry again.
Then they are ready to be given away ;)



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