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[Recipe] Rye bread with sourdough

The following is a post by the Gastbloggerin Lea. She has still not own blog, is infected like me for it but just back fever.

Everyone can buy bread at the bakery – But if it's even baked, does it taste just twice as good! And there are only a few, that match up to the smell of freshly baked bread. The recipe, that you will find here is from my mother, the weekly bake own bread. Bake the bread heard some practice, therefore not annoys you, If it looks not just perfect the first time; It tastes good anyway! :)


Produces a guide like a sourdough approach, You can find here.


Sourdough approach:
300 g Sourdough with
250 g rye wholemeal flour
250 ml warm water

Bread dough:
400 g rye flour 1150 / 1370
150 g whole wheat flour
300 g wheat flour 1050
100 g grain mix (E.g.: Sunflower seeds, Flax seed, Cereal flakes, Pumpkin seeds, Slivered...)
1 go. EL wheat gluten
300g leaven
1 – 2 Cube of yeast
1 TL turnip tops
1 EL salt
300 ml warm water
200 ml buttermilk


For the sourdough approach:
Stir the ingredients for the sourdough approach well with each other and 12 – 24 Let rest hours.
CA. Half of the leaven for the next approach to fill and store in the fridge.

For the bread dough:
Mix all dry ingredients and press a hollow in the Middle.
The sourdough, Yeast, Add turnip tops and lukewarm water and about 20 Min. Let go.

Admit the room warm milk and knead to a smooth dough.
Form a loaf, place in a greased dish and leave it again half an hour.

Is the dough not too soft, can you bake bread without form on the plate.
The bread Gets a crispy crust then all around.

A flour mix 500 g rye flour 1150 and 300 g wheat flour 1050 without the addition of grains tastes similar like a Paderborn bread.

At 200° C 1 Hour Bake off (Upper lower heat).

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