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[Recipe] Germany cake

The Germany cake is a marble cake in black, Red, Gold. And why all the effort? Most 3. October celebrates Germany in Frankfurt 25 Years reunion, the day of German unity. If that's not reason enough, a patriotic Germany cake to create. I've decided for a marble cake, Since this is typical german for me. And so he is not too boring, have I dyed it in the colors of the German flag. You need only red food coloring, the rest is all natural. Unfortunately, mine is „Golden“ Layer deal come, but the effect is Yes still there ;)

Marmorkuchen in schwarz-rot-gold


1 Bundt cake form
for the light dough

400 g wheat flour
1 Pck. Baking soda
220 g sugar
1 Pck. Vanilla sugar
4 Eggs
200 g butter, soft
200 g cream fraîche

for the Red dough
Red food coloring

for the dark dough
25 g cocoa powder
possibly. some milk

 Marmorkuchen in schwarz-rot-gold


Light dough
400Mix flour with the sachet of baking powder and 220 g sugar g.
4 Eggs, a pinch of salt, 200Add g soft butter and 200 g cream fraîche and only briefly stir, so the ingredients are mixed..
The dough on 3 Distribute vessels. Beware: the dough is not evenly distributed! The dark dough, you need at least, from the Red more and by the brighten something most – at least if baked the cake in a Guglhupfbackform.
The „Golden“ Dough must be added to further any more.

Red pastry
In a bowl add sufficient red food coloring the dough and mix.
Add flour if necessary, If it is liquid food color.

Dark dough
25 g Sodoum in another bowl.
Add any milk, If the dough is too chewy.

First enter the dark dough in the Guglhupfform. Be careful, that the dough smooth shall be deleted at the end of.
Then add the Red dough, also smooth paint.
Last comes the light, „Golden“ Layer in the form into.

In the preheated oven at 180° C for approximately 1h 15min long bake.
Approximately 10 min. allow to cool in the form.

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