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[Recipe] Puff pastry roses with plums

It's plum time again! And therefore a good reason to bake ;)
The Roses made of puff pastry and plum are a super way, to impress the neighbours with the baking arts. When choosing a plum color you can unleash its creativity. Finally, there are both red and yellow roses.



for ca. 10 Puff pastry roses
a pack of puff pastry from the cooling rack
5 Plum
1 Egg

Pflaume schneiden


Wash plum, core and cut in half. Then cut into thin slices (s.o. Photo).
Cut puff pastry into long rectangles.
Put the plum slices at the top.
Fold half of the puff pastry rectangle to the plum, one discovers more or less to the plums with the dough, so that they protrude only slightly.
Then carefully roll up lengthwise.

When the puff pastry roses are ready rolled up, brush with egg yolk, so slightly crispy pastry (and also colored as in my photos) is.

Bake according to package directions in the muffin tin (about 15 min.), as a result, their shape is retained.

Another tip: The plums are too acidic, It is possible to paint some apricot jam between the puff pastry, before the creation is bundled.

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