Review: The Portuguese kitchen – A Cozinha Portuguesa

The German Cookbook „The Portuguese kitchen – A Cozinha Portuguesa“ by Alexandra Klobouk and Rita Cortes Valente de Oliveira by Kunstmann-Verlag has 255 Pages and costs 29,95 €.

Some of the most important Portuguese recipes are presented in the following chapters:

– Introduction
– Appeithappen (Petiscos)
– Soups (Sopas)
– Fish (Peixe)- Meat (Carnes)
– Side dishes (Acompanhamentos)
– Sweet things (Doces)


The Cookbook contains beautiful illustrations next to photographs, contribute to easier understanding for the recipe instructions. There's also some great topic pages, as z.B. Which Portuguese wine goes with what food, as one bacalhau (Floor - / clip fish) even makes, the secret of the entrees, which points of sugar there is in the Portuguese cuisine or what combinations of coffee is it. The recipe titles are specified both in the original language Portuguese and German. Translation caused some funny title, like „Drunken rabbit – Lebre com vinho“. Another recipe has been with „Parfait caramel with sea salt“ titled, yet also the literal translation was by „Baba de Camelo“ made – that means camel spit.
Some useful links are also called, where you can order called Portuguese food and wines in the book, u.a.,, Deli market

Die Portugiesische Küche - A Cozinha Portuguesa

Recipe with illustration

I am actually completely excited by this book. Especially the illustrations I liked very well. In addition, the book is entertaining and at the same time it informs also about country and people, about the Portuguese culture. It seems, as the authors were just as fascinated by Portugal as I. I am of course also, that I can dissuade a piece using the recipes in this book home.

Die Portugiesische Küche - A Cozinha Portuguesa

Photographs of pastéis de NATA

I've already tried one of the recipes: Mandeltarte (Tart de Amêndoas). I will post the recipe to next week.
The manual was well written, the preparation is very simple and the Mandeltarte simply delicious!

Tips, where to eat well in Lisbon, There are here (in my Lisbon City Guide).


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