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Post from my kitchen

Hello dear ones,

I have you still not by Post from my kitchen tells.
For the fifth time already so many treats in Germany's kitchens were conjured up to theme.
This time I let it take me. Where the topic was not so easy, how it only sounded: „Childhood memory“.
After a long deliberation phase I came to the conclusion Apple Pie of my Dutch great-aunt to bake.
Because we like eating the cake or. food was & is it there for each of our visits to Holland.
Should be not so difficult to bake Apple Pie, would think. It's also not. But to find all utensils, you need that to – such things as rolling pin, Brush the butter grease, Sugar and dare – was I busy to rummage in the boxes in the basement of a perceived eternity, where is (Unfortunately) still, the stocks of our kitchen to find.
To prepare the dough went quite fast, also in the laundry room. The oven, out of necessity on a beer crate is his last good deed could do then for the time being: Bake Apple Pie.

Rias Apfelkuchen

Then the cake was still nice packed & after Berlin to my Exchange partner sent!

Post aus meiner Küche Paket




P.S. And who may believe me the oven – Here the proof:

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