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Portugal travel – „Souvenirs“: Pastéis de NATA

The friend and I come straight from Portugal. It was our 1. Time there. We had booked us into a nice little plant and ordered breakfast to. The breakfast was lovely. As well as Portugal's beautiful coastal landscape!

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Ah, What was I saying grade? Oh, right. Breakfast. So at that aforementioned breakfast there in addition to many other desserts Pastéis de NATA. Delicious little tarts of puff pastry and a type of pudding. As for you & made me ;-)Actually, the Tarts are probably from Lisbon. Where we have seen her in many bakeries:

Pasteis de Nata in Lissabon
Back home the pastéis de Nata I or called also pastéis de Belem, immediately after baking must.
The result you can see here: Pastéis de NATA


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