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Muffins from the grill – The crickets with Lafer (2013)

The radio station SWR3 the official off barbecue of this year held last Sunday with Johann Lafer.
It is synchronous with Mr. Lafer grilled or. Cutting board, which then gives instructions – as far as the theory.

I did participate with friends and friend. We all did it for the first time. And had underestimated something the whole. There was a miserable long shopping list (am I happy, the friends got the!). As well as a list of snippets works for the 4 Course, that could be prepared, What we were also busy doing. Time we came good with appetizers. There were: „Chicken Cevapcici mango rice salad and peanut vinaigrette“. Very tasty, but you would have to mention one times before: Mr. Lafer loves hot. Our troop, however, not quite as. Chili or ginger are found in every dish. Came to the intermediate course „Warm smoked salmon with sweet dill mustard sauce, Plums and Chinese cabbage“ on the plate. Pretty late. Luckily there was to read the recipe instructions online, otherwise we would have remained hungry on Sunday! To it the main course „Laundry- Chop "surf & Turf"with pumpkin RASP and macadamia nuts“ had to eat, were we an hour off. The macadamia nuts were the best thing. They were grilled and sprinkled with salt and brown sugar. Easy, but tasty!

And then came the highlight (for me): for dessert „barbecued“ We „Tea light Quark fritters with roasted Pear Compote and chocolate-chili sauce“. After we did the whole lunch (Grilling took us to 20.30 Watch) spicy foods had taken us, We ignoierten the part with the chili sauce and left it in a normal chocolate sauce. Come you ever on the idea, To cook muffins? In empty tealight candles? No? Me neither. But a very creative idea, that I must admit.
Conclusion: Next time let's take us more time from the outset and do our own thing. And leave at least a thread. Or eat only desserts ;-)

If your interested you for the recipes, then you can find on here

There's the recipe for the Quarkmuffins in the light of tea with Pear Compote and chocolate now.



for the curd tarts
100 ml milk
25 g yeast
125 g flour
70 g cottage cheese
2 Eggs
60 g sugar
Mark of a vanilla pod

for the Pear Compote
4 ripe pears
50 g acacia honey
Juice of ½ lemon
1 Pinch of cinnamon
25 g clarified butter

for the chocolate sauce
15 g acacia honey
150 ml cream
100 g milk chocolate

In addition
12 Tea without wax
Aluminium tray for the grill
Baking paper


the curd tarts:
On the edge of the grill in a small aluminium shell slightly warm up the 100 ml milk. The yeast (25g) can just crumble and dissolve.
125(g) flour and 70 g of cottage cheese in a bowl stir together. Yeast milk, 2 Egg yolks, 40 Add g sugar and vanilla seeds and taste mix.
Beat the egg whites until stiff and a trickle the other sugar can.
Then lift under the Qarkteig.
The dough in a warm place ca. 25-30 Let go minutes.
Place tea lights with baking paper (Parchment paper should be higher from the edge of the tea light).
Stir dough again and then distribute it on the tea lights.
Then put on the aluminium tray.
Indirect heat (CA. 160° – 180° C) and the lid is closed ca. 8-10 Grill minutes.

the PEAR carfully:
Peel the pears, in quarters and remove the seeds.
Heat the honey in a metal Bowl on the edge of the grill slightly and mix with lemon juice.
The pears with honey- Brush the lemon juice.
Place parchment paper on an aluminium tray and rub with ghee.
The PEAR pieces and put the tray and indirect heat (180° – 190° C)CA. 15- 20 Minutes with the lid closed, Grill.
Then crush the pears with a fork to a fine Compote, Add some cinnamon.

the chocolate sauce:
The honey over direct heat, open lid on the grill heat.
Cream and bring to a boil.
100g finely chop chocolate and stir in the cream.
As soon as the chocolate is dissolved, take the Pan from the grill.
Further mixing occurs until a creamy sauce.

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