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[Recipe] Mini birthday cakes cupcakes


for 6 Cupcakes
100 g flour
90 g sugar
1/2 TSP vanilla extract (= 1 Packet vanilla sugar)
3/4 TSP baking soda
50 g oil
50 g cream fraîche
1 Egg
a pinch of salt

for the topping
25 g butter
25 g icing sugar
100 g cream cheese
Food coloring if necessary

for the decoration

a birthday candle


the cupcakes

100g flour, 90g sugar, a pinch of salt and 3/4 Mix TSP baking powder.
1/2 TSP vanilla extract, 50g butter, 50g add creme fraîche and an egg and reverse short mix.
In the Papierförmchen and on 180° C for 25min. Bake.
Both normal sized cupcakes, as well as mini-cupcakes bake

the toppings

25beat g butter and 25 g icing sugar.
100g add cream cheese and mix well.
Set aside a portion of the toppings.
On the other hand part food coloring to do so and also reverse blend, to see more until no streaks are.

the birthday cake

A large and a small cupcake result in a mini cake.
If the cupcake are getting too high, some straighten and upside.

Cupcakes gestapelt

Sprinkle both Cupcakes with topping. Omit the underside of the large cupcakes.
Put the little cupcake on the large.


Then the „Cake“ decorate and don't forget the birthday candle!

Geburtstag 1


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