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[Recipe] Mini Strawberry cream cake

Mother had wished for the strawberry cream cake for mother's day – naive as I was, I thought the jaw would take not so much time. Pandey. But that struck me much too late. I had not considered that the cooling time. Therefore, the cake ended up simply in the freezer, before we ate them. It was then quite quickly soggy, but it was still tasty ;-)

So to the warning: Strawberry cream pie takes time. The best a day before baking the sponge cake, so this is cool good. After you the strawberry cream on or. has distributed between the sponge cake, must be the cake overnight cool, so that the cream is consolidating.


for the biscuit dough
3 small eggs
63 g sugar
38 g flour
25 g starch
1 TSP baking soda, deleted
[Baking soda is one according to the classic recipe in the cake, who wants to go but to play it safe, can still add something]



Separate the eggs. Protein with 1 Take a pinch of salt to egg whites. Sugar a trickle leave.
Only egg yolks, Flour, Strength and baking powder mix and stir in batches – touch too much! Then the dough is pretty fluffy.

At 180° C about 35 min. Bake.

Horizontally divide the cooled sponge cake. The lower part should be thicker. Cake ring around the base of the lower.


for the strawberry cream
4 Leaf gelatine
750 g strawberries
40 g sugar
1 Packet of vanilla sugar
1 EL lemon juice
450 g whipped cream



Soak the gelatine in cold water.

600 wash g strawberries.
250g strawberries, 40g of sugar and 1 Packet of vanillin sugar mash.
Express, gelatine and dissolve over low heat.
1 EL lemon juice and 2 EL stir puree and stir. Then just stir the remaining puree.
For 10 Refrigerate minutes.
250 whip cream g. Then add the potatoes give.

Paint a thin layer of Strawberry cream on the bottom pie crust.
The rest already cleaned strawberries (CA. 350 g) put on it.
Add rest of the strawberry cream evenly.
Place the other sponge cake.
And refrigerate over night.

The pie ring can be removed on the next day.
200 beat whipping cream until stiff g.
1Packet of vanilla sugar a trickle read.
The cake to coat, not forgetting the pie edge!
150 g clean strawberries and cut in half.
Decorate so that the cake as you like!

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