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[Recipe] Upgraded Marble cake

Addendum to the „Where is the Hedgehog cake“.

Although I've been outwardly not so satisfied with my Marble cake attempts, I will not deny but the recipe for the first attempt!
It is not a „typical, traditional“ Recipe for the Marble cake. For Créme fraîche can be found there-rare. The ingredient but ensures a beautiful fluffy dough, just like I like it.


Ingredients for a Loaf pan(30cm) or a bundt cake form

for the light dough:
200 g wheat flour
200 g whole wheat flour
1 Pck. Baking soda
220 g sugar
1 Pck. Vanilla sugar
4 Eggs
200 g butter, soft
200 g cream fraîche

for the dark dough:
50 g dark chocolate
15 g real cocoa powder

possibly. Chocolate for the icing



Basic dough:
200g wheat flour and 200 g whole wheat flour mix with a pack of baking powder and 220 g sugar.
4 Eggs, a pinch of salt, 200Add g soft butter and 200 g cream fraîche and stir. Only a short – until a smooth dough is formed..
About 2/3 in the greased-out form.

For the dark dough:
50heat g dark chocolate in a Bain-Marie.
The remaining dough 15 g cocoa powder and just taste blend.
Also add the chocolate from the water bath and stir one last time.
Place mixture on the dough into the cake Pan.
Spiral go through the dough with a fork.
In the preheated oven at 180° C for approximately 1h 15min long bake.

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