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Lisbon for a sweet tooth – a culinary travel guide [updated!]


The half-year, the I in Lisbon (PT. Lisboa) have studied and lived, passed far too quickly, but the love for Lisbon remained. After one semester and several subsequent trips to Lisbon, I feel qualified to do so, you with a few culinary tips for my favorite city of Lisbon on the way to give.
Maybe the travel or other even after Lisbon, drink a cider and eat a Pão de Deus or a Pastel de Belém. If Yes, send me a postcard, but! ;)
At the end of the post, you'll find a Google maps map in the I all my knowledge I integrate. In addition to the culinary highlights in Lisbon, you will find there and the main sights. The card you can store offline and to Portugal take on the mobile.

Tips for a sweet tooth: Cafes & Pastry shops

Pasteis de Belem

Fábrica dos pastéis de Belém – There's the famous „Pastéis de Belém“ (Singular: Pastel de Belém, Majority: Pastéis de Belém). Tasty puff pastry tarts. For all sweet tooth and-kater a must! By the way, the cake may only here „Pastéis de Belém“ be called – in the rest of the country, they are called pastéis de Nata (If the time is not sufficient to Belém to drive, should you try this at a pastry shop in the city centre!), because here not to make the original recipe from Belém. The pastry shop is just outside of the Center and is located in the Belém district. It is definitely worth to go there, because directly some attractions nearby, as the Torre de Belém, Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Navigator and Explorer, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Hieronymite monastery) and the Palácio Nacional de Belém (former Royal Palace and today's Office of the President of the Portuguese Republic).
Address: Rua de Belem 84-92. (Best reachable by tram 15 or by bus.)
Opening hours: 8 – 23 Watch


Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata

Manteigaria Fábrica de pastéis de NATA – Belém is to far away who, It may alternatively „Pastéis de NATA“ in the Manteigaria-Fábrica de pastéis de Nata test. In my opinion the pastéis de Belém yet to a class are better. Incidentally, there is the custard tarts in almost every pastry shop, but because everyone has his own recipe for this of course.
Address: Rua do Loreto 2
Opening hours: Daily, 8 – 24 Watch (Metro: Baixa-Chiado)

Padaria Portuguesa - Pao de Deus

Padaria Portuguesa – A Portuguese chain, We find that in many places in Lisbon.
There is the best in my opinion „Pão de Deus“ -a kind of buns covered with a soft, moist coconut layer, simply gorgeous! Portuguese eat these particles usually with ham and cheese topped, Since the „Pão de Deus“-Particles in other bakeries are sometimes somewhat dry, These but they sometimes make an exception and they eat without linings.
Also delicious „Salame de Choloate“ – translate chocolate salami, consisting of schokoladenem, unbaked pastry and cookie pieces. You can get but also in every other bakery or restaurant for dessert.
The lunch menu is recommended there as well, z.B. the "menu Salgados" with the soup of the day, Salgados (hearty snacks) and a fresh squeezed orange juice.

Choupana Caffé - Croissant

Choupana Caffé – During my semester abroad, I lived in the district Saldanha – there I had the (probably) biggest and best croissants in town right in front of the. The croissants are here filled with Nutella and toasted hazelnuts.
Address: Avenida da República 25A
Oefffnungszeiten: Daily, 7 – 20 Watch (Metro: Saldanha)


Late Night Bakery - Bolos da Madrugada

Bolos da Madrugada – (DT. Cake at the crack of dawn) do you call the bakeries, the night of ca. 24 – 6 Open their doors to watch – in the truest sense of the word, because only the open door suggests, behind it hide bakers at work. There are no signs, indicate that the bakeries, you need to know just, where these bakeries are or simply follow his nose. For night owls, the night sweet cravings get this is the perfect place, to end the night.
Address: R. Saraiva de Carvalho 61 (Metro: Rato)
Opening hours: CA. 24 – 6 Watch


Confeitaria Nacional

Confeitaria national – the oldest pastry shop in Lisbon was already 1829 founded in. Here everything is offered, What sweet, traditional cuisine of Portugal makes up – in excellent quality. In addition was also the Christmas cake „Bolo REI“ invented, There is the Christmas time.
Address: Praça da Figueira 18 (Metro: Rossio)
Opening hours: 8 – 20 Watch


A Brasileira

A Brasileira – the oldest Café in Lisbon was 1905 founded as a coffee Roastery. It is worth to throw into views. The marble tables, the dark wood walls and the huge mirrors are typical for the coffee houses of the last century. Here the most famous painters and writers of Portugal should have met. In memory of Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet, was cast a bronze statue, You can sit at the table to the. By the way, also the oldest bookshop in Portugal is close to (s.o. Livraria Bertrand).
Address: Rua Garrett 120-122 (Metro: Baixa-Chiado)
Opening hours: Daily, 8 – 2 Watch


Este Oeste - Oreo Mousse
Este Oeste – Besides pizza and sushi, there is also the best Oreo dessert of Lisbon on the menu (under the name „Este Oeste“)! The color of the desserts suggests unsavory. In fact, the Oreo mousse is but just heavenly, Oreo-isch. Attention, There is a risk of addiction!
A friend has asked me to, to find out the recipe for the Oreo mousse. After some experimenting I came quite close to the original recipe. I'll test it again and then here will soon publish on the blog.
Address: Praça do Império (in the building of the Centro Cultural de Belém)
Opening hours: Tue to Thurs, 10 – 23 Watch; Friday and Saturday, 10 – 24 Watch; Sunday 10 – 23 Watch
Paleteria – Now several stores have opened up, sell only ice cream on a stick. I like the trend! The Strawberry ice cream tasted like a smoothie popsicle – very fruity.
Address: R. Luz Soriano 25 (Metro: Baixa-Chiado)
Opening hours: Daily, 13 – 18 Watch

Restaurants Portuguese cuisine

Taberna Portuguesa

Taberna Portuguesa – a small, Portuguese restaurant – something rustic (you sit on wooden stools at small tables), but nevertheless charming. You choose together the food, because it is served later as, that you can take it everyone at the table of. A very good opportunity, try as many Portuguese food! If possible, you should book there before.
Address: Calçada do Combro 115 (Metro: Baixa-Chiado)

Restaurante Securas in Lissabon

Restaurante Securas – who my favorite food „Entrees“ would like to try, I can recommend the restaurant Securas. It is said, Entrees was a kind of garlic sausage… but I don't know if I the term „Sausage“ so agree. On the other hand, the appearance of it doesn't matter, What counts is, It tastes very good! Also, you have wonderful views of Lisbon castle on the other side of the city from the restaurant. In General, I like the atmosphere in the streets, run down on the Rossio Square. I like, It sits on the stairs practically, and there enjoys mild weather.
Address: Calçada do Duque 27 (Metro: Baixa-Chiado)
Opening hours: Daily, 10 – 24 Watch


Time Out Mercado da Ribeira

Time out Mercado da Ribeira – This is a former market Hall, now more than gourmet Hall used. There are a variety of: at 35 You can order his food shops. Armed with a tray, seeks to a place then on one of the long wooden tables. Among other things you will find here also star- and television chefs. In the Hall for events, such as FADO concerts held. The dates that will be announced online.
Address: Avenida 24 de Julho (Metro: CAIS de Sodré)
Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday, by 10 – 24 Watch; Thursday to Saturday, 10 until 2 Watch.

Cooking class

Kiss the Cook – This is a Portuguese cooking class. So if you'd like, want to have an experience of a special kind and to learn more about the Portuguese cuisine, can be sign up here.
The cooking course on the grounds of LX factory is also located (LX is available for Lisbon), a former factory site, the are now restaurants, Bars, There are shops and especially a bookstore. The Special: on the top floor, you can watch a robot, the remains of the factory. The Belém district is located within walking distance (s.o. Fábrica dos pastéis de Belém).
Address: LX factory, R. Rodrigues Faria 103

Google maps map of Lisbon

In addition to culinary sins, Lisbon has to offer also some attractions. The places, Restaurant, Shops and sights, which I find personally most interesting, I've tagged you here in Google maps. Is planned, that the card for further stays in Lisbon, constantly updated. You can store the map offline and thus without an Internet connection to take to Lisbon.

By the way, There are also some other great places in Portugal, the visit is worth.
In the vicinity of Lisbon, which are:

  • Sintra (a charming place, with some tourist attractions, z.B. the Palácio national de Pena – I can warmly recommend also the Quinta da Regaleira)
  • Cascais (known for its white beaches)

Slightly further away:

  • Óbidos (in Óbidos feels transported back to a couple of hundred years in the time, There's still a completely preserved and accessible city wall)
  • Porto (the second largest city in Portugal is known the port wine cellars mainly for the port and for the in Porto)
  • Algarve (the Algarve is not a city but a holiday region in the South of Portugal, particularly popular due to the beautiful beaches and the corresponding climate)


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