Bookmark with muffin in motive for coloring

Lately the trend has made broad in my circle of friends, To paint coloring books for relaxation. They have infected even me so – Lectures are super ;)

In bookstores, you can increasingly see coloring for adults. They come in all varieties: as classic Mandalas, with Christmas motifs, real and abstract drawings and as so-called Zen coloring. Supposedly it should expire by painting in a meditative state. I wouldn't go but so far, to claim that, but it's entertaining all times.

Inspired by and to keep me from learning, I have a bookmark for you designed, that can be painted.

Muffin Lesezeichen zum Ausmalen

The bookmarks with a muffin in motif can you just download download (Click on the image with the right mouse button, then „Save picture under…“).

Simply print on cardboard or print on regular paper and then glue on cardboard, then you can paint it and use it as a bookmark.

Lesezeichen Muffinmotiv


Good luck with relax ;)

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