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[Recipe] Cookie Monster cupcakes

My show dance group must occasionally under my back delusion „suffering from“. The cookie monster have been requested repeatedly for a barbecue. I came the happy ;)
When I made the cupcakes for the first time, I came up with the great idea to bake the cookies for the cookie monster cupcakes themselves. What a disaster! They were way too big – and frankly the taste not so great. But you learn from your mistakes. At a discount store whose name with „A“ begins and on „ldi“ ends, Fortunately, have I found the mini cookies! You have the perfect size & taste even :-) All other ingredients should be good to get.


Vanilla cupcakes
White chocolate
brown sugar pen
Blue food coloring
Coconut flakes
Mini cookies

Herstellung Krümelmonster

Cupcakes Bake and allow to cool.
Then sprinkle with topping. You can color the topping blue in favor with food coloring.

Melt the white chocolate in a Bain-Marie.
In a back seal (or take the bag and cut a hole in a bottom corner) fill and paint small circles on baking paper.
Festival will be.
When they are dry, contact and then set with brown sugar pen a point each.

Fur:Grated coconut (even estimate how much you need) in a bread bag.
Furthermore drops food coloring.
Tie the bag.
The blue color on the coconut spread through shake and knead.
Now give them in a small bowl.
So you can best the Cupcakes with topping „get dunk“.

Mouth + Biscuit:
The mouth (or the mouth?) cut with a knife.
Mini biscuits in half and push as much as possible in the mouth.

Most recently, the eyes sit on it.

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