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[Recipe] Cheese cake with strawberries and Oreo land




450 g Oreo biscuits (corresponds to 3 Packs)
50 g butter
2 EL sugar

Cheese cake

500 g cottage cheese
125 g sugar
1 Pack of vanilla pudding powder
1/2 Cup oil
1 Egg
190 ml milk

Strawberry topping

250 g strawberries
1 Packet Strawberry glaze



Remove the cream between the Oreo cookies. Then crush (the easiest with a rolling pin and a bag).
50 melt butter g.
The crumbled Oreokekse and butter with 2 EL mix and distribute in a cake form.

Cheese cake

500 g cottage cheese, 125 g sugar, a packet of vanilla pudding powder, 1/2 Cup oil, 1 Egg and 190 ml milk sample mix.
For 1 Hour at 175° C place in the oven.
Allow to cool.

Zubereitung Käsekuchen mit Erdbeeren und Oreo-Keks-Boden

Strawberry topping

250 wash g strawberries, Remove the stem and cut into slices.
Spread on the cake.
Prepare the glaze with Strawberry flavour according to the packaging.
Spread over the strawberries.

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