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[Recipe] Yogurt Cupcakes with Death-By chocolate topping

Joghurt Cupcakes mit Schokoladen Topping


... for 12 Cupcakes:
150 g natural yoghurt
2 Eggs
150 ml oil
225 g sugar
1 Pck. Vanilla sugar
450 g flour
1 TSP baking soda
75 g chocolate, hacked

... for death-by-chocolate topping
170 g dark couverture
65 g soft butter
180 g icing sugar
3 EL real cocoa
1 Pinch of salt
220 g crème fraîche


150g yogurt, 2 Eggs, 150ml oil, 225g sugar, and beat a pack of vanilla sugar.
1 TL mix baking soda with 450 g of flour and mix.
Stir chocolate. Touch as little as possible.
Muffin cups to 2/3 fill.
At 160° C (Top / bottom heat) for 25 min. slide it into the oven.

170g melt candy melts in the water bath and let cool.
75creamy whip butter g.
180g icing sugar, 3 EL mix cocoa and a pinch of salt and add to butter.
Melted chocolate and 220 g crème fraîche to butter ground and all taste blend, until a creamy mass arises.
Thus decorate the cupcakes!

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  • Reply Corinna

    Fully delicious, only the topping is quite abundant!

    9. März 2013 at 12:59
    • Reply Linda

      Is true, I also often topping left. Actually, it would be yes then clever accordingly to reduce the recipe :D
      I will take care next time on it!

      18. März 2013 at 23:18