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Impressions of the Koningsdag in the Netherlands

Impressions from the Koningsdag (27. April 2016) in Venlo.Koningsdag Venlo 2016

Since a few weeks I am working as an intern in a translation Office in the Netherlands. Of course, I wanted to use this free day, to experience the Koningsdag (really a shame, that I as Halbholländerin, There never was). My work colleagues had made me aware already, that the Koningsdag in the South is far less celebrated, as in the rest of the country. My plans, a larger city to visit, have been tainted by the bad weather reports. That's why I'm for Venlo. There were also some events, due to the weather, cancelled. On the photos you can see some, the Sun is shining. Unfortunately it was pure happiness. Here is, Since a few days, absolute April weather – Rain, Sun and sleet, cheerfully alternated every 5 minutes.

What is the Koningsdag at all?

On the Koningsdag (DT. King day) is the anniversary of the birth of Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands, celebrated. The day is a holiday in the Netherlands and is celebrated in all major cities. The revelers dress in Orange on this day and decorate everything in the national colour too.

What's with the Orange?

That hangs together with the title of the King. Its full title is: Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange-Nassau (NL. Oranje Nassau), Jonkheer van Amsberg. Da „Oranje“ in Dutch „Orange“ is called, was it obvious, to make the color to the color of the country.

How is the Koningsdag celebrated?

In Venlo, there was an action for children, When they were allowed to decorate their bikes with a bow in the colors of the Dutch flag – There also was this Orange pennant. Since I have regretted it somewhat, to be older ;) For people of my age is Koningsdag go there to celebrate more. There are many parties, Festivals and concerts. Each city organizes its own program. Unfortunately, there was no boat parade in Venlo, as z. B. in Amsterdam… next year will I probably even take it in attack and another city on the Koningsdag visit :)

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