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Where is the Hedgehog cake

The back year 2013 not quite so successfully started, as hoped.
Quite euphoric, What creative baking ideas the Internet provides and thanks to the millions of good intentions also top motivated to try something new, I came up with that „ingenious“ Idea look like a hedgehog cake.

An image from the wide of the Internet served as a template.
Addendum: now I have found the link to – to be found on the page with recipe

The result of my 1. Trial:

Igelkuchen Part I

With another recipe, the cake looked so:

Igelkuchen Part I

A significant increase is visible. The problem was another now – the cake tasted dry.
To make the perfect Hedgehog cake, It is probably still a third, If not even fourth or fifth cake needed to be. But truth be told, I have more tired the next day more on Marble cake ;-)
Consider, that each pie total 2 h in an oven was… how you can spend lots of time with JAWS!

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