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[Recipe] Crunchy raspberry-yogurt cream


For 10 Portions


for the raspberry sauce
600 g frozen raspberries
2 Orange
40 g of brown sugar


Orange squeeze.
Puree raspberries with 40 g brown sugar and orange juice.


for the yogurt cream
900 g whole milk yogurt
500 g low-fat Quark
250 g cream
50 g almonds
1 TSP vanilla extract
9 EL sugar
1 Orange
250 g crunchy cereal


900g yogurt, 500g low-fat Quark, 250 reverse mix g cream.
Squeeze Orange and juice with 1 Add Teaspoon vanilla extract.
9 Mix the EL and 50 g of sugar.


First distribute the crunchy cereal on the floor of the glass.
Then a few tablespoons of yogurt cream, then type.
1-2 To distribute Tablespoons raspberry sauce.
Then populate with the yogurt cream.
And again give it raspberry sauce.


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  • Reply Gabi

    Hi Linda,

    your recipes are all including fine and they also all very delicious taste, but personally I think the recipe by far the best on your blog. Even if 10 Portions were slightly too much, so you have something like this but longer :D

    At the next recipe I convert previously rather.

    PS: Keep it up. A portion calculator would be the topping on your blog ;)


    From the foothills of the Alps

    26. Mai 2013 at 12:53
    • Reply Linda

      Thank you!
      So, a portion calculator would indeed be something fine.
      Unfortunately, I have no idea where I can conjure that up here ;)


      11. September 2013 at 18:53
  • Reply Thank you.

    Super delicious dessert!! My guests were out and out = D

    26. Oktober 2014 at 14:00
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