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Raspberry Festival

Schild Himbeeren selbst pflückenOn Sunday we were taken by the neighbors to the raspberry Festival of Obsthofes Eckert!
If I had birthday in the summer I would celebrate only raspberry festivals ;)
There were delicious sponge cake with raspberries – Unfortunately not for us, as the last piece in front of the nose was snapped up us and all sorts of delicious healthy. The best thing about the aforementioned raspberry Festival was the ability to pick raspberries.
The friend was unceremoniously dragged to the raspberry canes and had at the Sweet Gatherer help.
And they were sooo tasty. So yummy, they were again empty in no time.
That's why „had to“ I still get supplies. You can pick raspberries there: every day. Yet. Because who knows how long, there's still raspberries.
Certainly you are already very excited and waiting for a good raspberry recipe to try out. But far from. Today, there's nothing for baking. Because raspberry taste (me) the best just as they are. Ungebacken.
Selbstgepflückte Himbeeren
How do you like your raspberries prefer?
Even pick her or you is that too much work?


P.S. If this should be nothing my soon beginning studies, I'll raspberry breeder, I've decided to. What could be better than to be constantly surrounded by raspberries? Well not all the time. But at least times in the summer.

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