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Healthier baking

Baking - how does that actually still in our present day? But fitness and healthy nutrition in any awareness where have arrived?
Of course, everyone wants to be beautiful, especially when it comes to on the spring and the summer is not too far away, come on all years back the latest trends in terms of diet and weight loss. Not, I would follow that with a certain interest, But let us be honest – ultimately we can but not necessarily on cupcakes, Muffins, Cake, Cookies & Co. pass.
But that would be much too bad – Finally, there is the life to enjoy!
So the bad conscience is not too big, Here are a few tips.
You can do the following to make JAWS somewhat "healthier":

Save sugar.
About 1/3 the specified amount in the recipe can be confidently painted.
There are also alternative sweeteners such as maple syrup or Agave syrup (they contain more vitamins and minerals in contrast to the industrial sugar).
Honey is suitable only for sweet creams must not be baked, the valuable ingredients of honey are destroyed when heated.
You can use also the sweetener stevia, However, the quantity to be used can be difficult to judge, Since stevia up to 300 x can be sweeter than table sugar. Only experiment helps in case of!

Use whole wheat flour.
The flour less handled, and thus contains more fiber and minerals. It applies: The higher the type number, the lower the treatment. When you have possibly. Add some liquid.
Flour of buckwheat, Corn, Millet, Rice, Amaranth and quinoa can be used only for baking, If it is with wheat- or spelt flour are mixed.

One last tip.
When the fat, don't save so butter / margarine or oil. The bakery makes only dry & tough.

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