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[Recipe] Speckled strawberry rhubarb muffins

Just I've befriended me with the rhubarb, already, the season is already over (Date 24. June).
Quasi as farewell, I have created a few muffins with the tart tasty vegetables.Erdbeer-Rhabarber-Muffins


for the streusel

70 g flour
1 TSP cinnamon
45 g of brown sugar
65 g soft butter

for 12 Muffins

270 g flour
2 TSP baking soda
1 TSP baking soda
Pinch of salt
2 large eggs
120 ml buttermilk
100 g of brown sugar
100 g sugar
1 TSP vanilla extract
115 g butter, melted
150 g strawberries
150 g rhubarb


Zubereitung Erdbeer-Rhabarber-Muffins

the streusel

70 g flour, 1 TSP cinnamon, 45 g of brown sugar and 65 knead g soft butter to make a dough.

the muffins

150g rhubarb (peeled) and 150 g of strawberries into small cubes cut.

Flour, Baking soda, Mix baking soda and salt.

Melt butter.

In a large bowl the 2 Beat eggs.
120 ml buttermilk slowly incorporate.
100g to white and 100 g of brown sugar and stir until a smooth mixture is obtained.
1 Stir in vanilla extract and 115 g melted butter TL.
Spoon by spoon stir the flour mixture and continue stir.
Finally stir in the rhubarb and strawberry cubes.
Then the batter into the muffin cups can be given.

The streusel mixture pluck off small pieces and distribute on the muffins.

At 200 ° C in the preheated oven for ca. 15 Minutes Bake.

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