City guides for a sweet tooth

Frankfurt for a sweet tooth – for on the road

Banner Frankfurt für Naschkatzen

At the end there's Frankfurt for a sweet tooth for the Pocket.

You can scan the QR code with your phone…

zur mobilen Version von Frankfurt für Naschkatzen

or This link follow, then you come to the mobile version as PDF. It is a stripped down version, without photos that should serve for guidance only!

At GoogleMapsEngine, I have a interactive map created, You can track the tour and together you can build your own route! You can see them also here this.

I have a small recommendation for you, a book recommendation.
The book „I'll give you Frankfurt – a common thread for small budgets “ by Ruth Fühner I met during my research.
Very nice layout combined with creative ideas (How to run with a map of Paris by Frankfurt).
Who really wants to get to know Frankfurt, is this book to my heart set!

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