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Frankfurt for a sweet tooth #6 Cookie-in-the-box, An iron footbridge

Banner Frankfurt für Naschkatzen

In the „Cookie-in-the-box“ There are all sorts of American leather: Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, Cake, Pancakes, Sandwiches, Salads, Quiches, Soups, also jams to take-away. The location of the Cafe is not optimal safe on the busy street. And also the fact that there are two separate rooms, seems somewhat for the visitor at first sight strange. You tried but once the brownies or the cookie crumble, You can forgive that sure.

Cookie in the Box Frankfurt

When shooting we had unfortunately some bad luck. Every time when we were there, was closed. Therefore, there is only the exterior!

Kurt-Schuhmacher str. 2

From here we go but not directly over the bridge, but walk on the main, Direction of Römerberg. We take the 1868 Pedestrian bridge called "Iron bridge", built in. He / she / it is one of the oldest bridges in Germany.

Eiserner Steg Frankfurt


If I walk this way, must I always to this song by Philipp Poisel ("Iron bridge") and the film by Matthias Schweighöfer ("What a man") think.

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